Fujitsu FI-7030 A4 DT Workgroup Document Scanner

Mfr. Part #: PA03750-B001 Our Part #: FI7030
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The fi-7030, like its siblings, offers much more than pure, high quality scanning technology that delivers speed and versatility for single purpose scanning. The fi-7030 opens up the opportunity for enterprises and public administration offices to start the journey to digital transformation and presents a professional entry point to information capture.

Technology – quality – solution

• Instant document capture
• Compact & robust
• Reliable durability
• Fast processing: 27 ppm / 54 ipm full speed

Based on industry leading scanning technology, the fi-7030 defines a complete capture solution that is centred around how the user will want to:

• Easily digitise paper documents
• Classify and verify content
• Validate files
• Release to defined target systems and processes

Using the fi-7030 solution all of this can be accomplished in an integrated but interruptible logical workflow routine that allows for collecting several documents into a single case file on
different occasions. For more instant document capture, these routines can even be triggered from the scanner’s front panel, capturing documents and placing them in pre-defined locations without any interruption.

EAN # : 4939761308956

Scan typeWorkgroup
Scan speed (black, normal quality, A4)27 ppm
Scan speed (colour, full page colour, normal quality, A4)27 ppm
Duplex ScanningYes
Auto document feeder capacity50 Sheets
Duty cycle2,500 pages/day
Dimensions W x D x H290 x 146 x 130 mm
Weight2.9 Kg
Warranty1 Year
  Product Description

Fujitsu PA43404-A433

PaperStream plug in for 2D Barcode

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Mfr. Part #: PA43404-A665   Our Part #: PA43404A665


Fujitsu PA43404-A705

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Fujitsu PA43404-A715

PaperStream Capture Pro Import Licence

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-A715   Our Part #: PA43404A715


Fujitsu PA43404-IP01

Additional 12 Month Maintenance and Support Cover for Import Licence.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-IP01   Our Part #: PA43404IP01


Fujitsu PA43404-IP02

Additional 24 Month Maintenance and Support Over for Import Licence.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-IP02   Our Part #: PA43404IP02


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Additional 12 Month Maintenance and Support Cover for QC/Index Station.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-QX01   Our Part #: PA43404QX01


Fujitsu PA43404-QX02

Additional 24 Month Maintenance and Support Cover for QC/Index Station.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-QX02   Our Part #: PA43404QX02


Fujitsu PA43404-WM01

Additional 12 Month Maintenance and Support Cover for Workgroup Scanners.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-WM01   Our Part #: PA43404WM01


Fujitsu PA43404-WM02

Additional 24 Month Maintenance and Support Cover for Workgroup Scanners.

Mfr. Part #: PA43404-WM02   Our Part #: PA43404WM02

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Fujitsu CON-CLE-W72

F1 Scanner Cleaning Wipes (72pck)

Mfr. Part #: CON-CLE-W72   Our Part #: CONCLEW72


Fujitsu CON-3706-200K

Consumable Kit: 3706-200K

Mfr. Part #: CON-3706-200K   Our Part #: CON3706200K


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ScanSnap Cleaning Fluid F1 25x 100ml

Mfr. Part #: PA03950-0354   Our Part #: SCANSNAPFLUIDF1


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ScanSnap Carrier Sheets (5 sheets)

Mfr. Part #: PA03360-0013   Our Part #: SCANSNAPSHEETS

  Product Description

Fujitsu U3-BRZE-WKG

Extends Warranty to 3 Year 8+8 On-Site Workgroup

Mfr. Part #: U3-BRZE-WKG   Our Part #: U3BRZEWKG


Fujitsu U3-EXTW-WKG

Extends Warranty From 1 Year to 3 Year For WorkGroup

Mfr. Part #: U3-EXTW-WKG   Our Part #: U3EXTWWKG