All About LG’s All-In-One LED Screen

LG introduced its 130” all-in-one display in 2019. This display wowed the market with its immersive viewing void of a bezel - these displays can transfer any corporate or education environment.

New technology such as HDR10 presents accurate and vivid colour to viewers, while the 36 embedded sound units deliver uninterrupted sound to everyone in the room.

Ask your Square One account manager to find out more about the LG 130” all-in-one LED display. 

LG All-In-One Display in Education

The display can be set up in wall format, and mobile depending on its environment and usage needs. This versatility allows classrooms to roll in the screen when needed or mount it onto the wall. 

Easy-to-use punctuality means that teachers, lecturers and academics can use the screen without needing additional training. The screen is intuitive and there is no need to connect an external PC - the user can easily access what they need with a single remote. 

LG All-In-One Display in Corporate

The LG all-in-one display is composed of 9 individual panels that create this massive screen. The modular technology used in this display allows it to fit into any room and be built anywhere. Unlike prebuilt large format displays that are restricted by complex office building architecture, the LG all-in-one display can be built in the room it is being installed in.

The LED screen is composed of one master unit case and eight slave unit cases. Each unit case automatically recognizes its location and setting values. All that is needed to configure the screen, is to simply turn on the screen. It is as easy as that.

LG Summer Promo

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If you would like to find out more about the LG all-in-one solution, you can read all about it on our sister company’s site. 

All About LG’s All-In-One LED Screen