How universities will adapt post Covid-19

The world of education has been forced to change, as schools in Ireland closed due to the government-enforced lockdown. This did not stop universities providing an education to their students.

There has been a drive in using technology within higher education to help create a collaborative and inclusive environment, even outside the lecture theatre. 

Here at Square One we have a wide range of technology that can help with social distancing, if you would like to find out more about this technology, you can read more in our Social Distancing Guide.

Many universities are gearing themselves up for a continuation of online lectures and classes for the autumn semester, if not even longer. And it is likely that if students do go back, strict social distancing measures will be in place, alongside smaller classes and ‘blended’ online and in-person learning.

The main technology trends in education we are seeing include:

1. Lecture capture and distance learning
2. Conferencing for interactive smaller group learning
3. Effective digital signage around campus

“Suppliers have seen a marked increase in demand for lecture capture systems. A typical university enquiry can be for up-to 50 lecture halls to be transformed into distance learning facilities before the new academic year starts. Each theatre needs to be fitted with a PTZ camera and lecture capture device and integrated into the university’s learning management system." - Kieron Seth, marketing director at Holdan

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How universities will adapt post Covid-19