Opportunities for the AV industry post Covid-19

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the world, with AV technology playing an integral part in aiding businesses being able to adjust and futureproof themselves.

“AV was made for this. Everything about the audio-visual industry is about connecting people to people. If you’re doing that remotely, you’re reliant upon and leveraging audio-visual technology.” - AVIXA’s CEO David Labuskes

With lockdown easing and the world acclimatising to a new normal, what opportunities are there for the AV industry post Covid-19? Jenny Hicks, Midwich Groups head of technology predicts these areas will offer the most opportunities:

1. Upgrading and retrofitting meeting spaces
2. Wireless and contactless technology
3. Capacity management with digital signage for social distancing prompts
4. Better equipment to work remotely
5. Streaming
6. Sound masking

“We've all learnt a lot about what we can achieve using video during this time – I think we will see a dramatic decrease in business travel" - Jenny Hicks, Midwich Group, head of technology.

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Opportunities for the AV industry post Covid-19